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This community originally started as an idea that was helped very much by rp_unity members (now found at GJ), and 'Muffin' mods.

Basically, all the Harry Potter characters exist as muffins. None of my art is being used for profit, it's just for pure clean fun - so please don't sue me. I only owe a pen and a computer to colour muffins with.

made by kioki

Crazy, isn't it? But it gives me an opportunity to rewrite HP, just for you lot.

Q - What do you draw the muffins with?
A - I HAND DRAW - YES, HAND DRAW - THEM, so they really have a lot of care taken with them. I then colour them with Adobe Photoshop.

Q - How can I contact you?
A - Comments are the best way! I get them emailed to me so I see all of them. If not, will do the trick if it's more of a request-like issue.

Q - What ships will you draw?
A - Any you want - WITHIN REASON. Also. H/Hr. I will draw it, but I won't post it. Sorry. But ick.

Q - Do you take requests?
A - Yes, but please allow me at least a week to do them for you. I'm a very busy muffin girl.

Q - Can I use your muffins for icons and journals?
A - But of course. Please credit hp_muffins (and the maker of the icon/layout if it is not your own) somewhere where it can be seen. DO NOT EDIT THE MUFFINS unless it is for your own use. AND DO NOT PRETEND THEY ARE YOURS.

Q - do you draw your own stuff?
A - Yes, I haven't nicked it off anyone.

Q - will you friend me?
A - yes, I will, if you friend me first.

Q - can I friend your personal LJ?
A - yeh, why not? Although it's not that exciting. Just the rants of a teenage girl.

Q - will you draw this for me? NOW?
A - I will draw it, but if there's a list, you will have to wait until I get to you. I update once a week at least, so just wait and see.

About me;
My name is Hana, and I've always had a little obsession with doodling. Since like, FOREVER. Anyway, after a long discussion which involved a joke about muffins and HP characters, I created...hp_muffins - a place for my muffins to live happily. I ship Hr/R, H/G, and many other ships, but POSSIBLY may draw another ship if requested.

I hope you enjoy them. <3


food macaroni cheese
drink Coke
band Nickelback, Green Day
book probably Tolkien's 'The Hobbit', E. A. Poe's Short Stories.
film too many to list

Gryffindor is love. SO THERE.